Rainbow Large/SUV Car Mirror Covers 11.8x9.5 inch

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Price $13.00
10 or more $10.00 each
50 or more $8.00 each
100 or more $5.50 each
200 or more $4.80 each
500 or more $4.20 each
Rainbow Large/SUV Car Mirror Covers, 11.8x9.5 inch are printed on Poly Spandex with a 36" spandex cord and black cord lock. Each set contains two covers - one for the right side mirror and one for the left side mirror. Car Mirror covers are 1 ply, are great for car dealerships, school fundraisers, corporate events or giveaways. They are an easy option to add decoration to your car, and can be used on both stationary and moving vehicles.
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